Escape to Ibiza - Los Enamorados Hotel

Every year, it is proclaimed that Ibiza is over. Its soul lost to mass tourism, super clubs and commercialism. A victim of its own success with the end in sight. I disagree.

North of the island, overlooking the bay of Portinatx, you will find Los Enamorados, a hotel that captures the true essence of Ibiza. It is probably the most Instagrammable hotel in Ibiza and the perfect place to enjoy the magic of the island.

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Los Enamorados is that rarest of things, a boutique hotel that doesn’t feel pretentious. A haven that is both stylish and luxurious but with its soul still intact. It was created by Pierre Traversier, an ex-basketball player and sneaker addict and Rozemarijn de Witte, editor in chief of Dutch magazine Linda, a self confessed collector of beautiful things! Together they have designed the ultimate escape.


Los Enamorados isn’t a hotel with state of the art facilities. Instead here simple luxuries are the order of the day. Leisurely breakfasts served until 1pm, soft linen bed sheets and bedrooms equipped with a sea view rather than a TV. It’s an intimate hotel with only 9 bedrooms and the vibe is one of complete relaxation. This isn’t where you come if you want to party but you can still have an indulgent holiday.

At Los Enamorados, anything is possible; massages, yoga, horse riding or even a trip out to sea with the local fisherman. If you’d rather pass on the fishing trip can I recommend that at dinner you tuck into the catch of the day. My personal favourite is the delicious spicy tuna and red onion taco served in a gorgeous terracotta bowl that you can buy from the hotel’s concept store - hurrah!


The hotel’s boutique is a stylist’s dream. Filled with vintage fashion, quirky curios and retro furniture, it is quite the treasure trove. A curated collection that is so extensive, it’s beyond tempting! It’s all about the mix and all tastes are catered for; boho, ethnic, retro and kitsch. To add to the laidback hippiness of Los Enamorados, you must leave your shoes at the store’s front door because this is a bare foot shopping experience. As if the boutique wasn’t enough, everything in the hotel is for sale too so if you fall in love with something, you can buy it. Excess baggage here we come!


Los Enamorados is a place to pause, take a breath and daydream as you sip a watermelon cocktail watching the sunset. After every visit to Los Enamorados I vow to reinvent myself and embrace my inner hippy. However life gets in the way and avocado gazpacho doesn’t taste the same on a rainy Saturday in London. So sadly I’ll have to keep coming back to Los Enamorados just to keep up my avocado intake - shame!


Words and photos by Tanya Taylor © 2019

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