In conversation: Jamie & Catherine from Bread & Jam


Our journey with H&G means that we meet lots of amazing entrepreneurs and two of our favourites are Jamie and Catherine Douglas who are the duo behind "Bread & Jam".  In July we all sat down together, they popped the kettle on and we asked them a few questions...

Where does the name Bread & Jam come from?

The name sums up exactly what we wanted to do, take useful, basic, everyday things such as a notebook (the bread) and sweeten it up with our own designs (the jam).  The company has moved on quite a bit since we launched but the sentiment of the name still remains, it has to be useful and beautiful.

B&J Logo.jpg

Where do you get your inspiration from?

It's all around us, our kids, our friends, our peers and of course countless blogs, magazines and images on social media.  Being able to translate these influences into something "Bread & Jam" is the key as we have a tone of voice for the company that is pretty sacred and protected at all costs.

How do you relax after the hectic Christmas sales period?

We always try to take a few days off over Christmas and enjoy the simple things like baking with our two daughters, playing games and generally filling the house with happiness.  

What is the best part of running your own business?

One of the best bits has to be that we are in control of our own destiny and we reap the rewards of our hard work.  There is also that wonderful feeling of seeing your ideas come to life and people want to part with their hard earned cash for them.  We're still very humble when to comes to that side of things, the very real human side to your customers.  To know that your work will form part of someone's Christmas morning, birthday or wedding proposal.


What is the worst thing about running your own business?

It's never having enough family time or indeed enough time to explore all the ideas in our heads.  Our girls are very patient with us and they come back to our studio after school until we can finish up and make our way home together.  Often there is the misconception that people who work for themselves can take time off whenever they like but it's quite the opposite, we work long hours and even when we get home we find it difficult to switch off.

Do you have any advice for other small businesses?

We learn new things each and every day but the overriding thing we try to remember is that you are master of your own destiny, there's no one else who will push you or tell you what the right decisions are, this all falls at your own feet.  Saying yes to everything isn't a prerequisite, saying no is an option, not everything is right for you and you have to go with your gut.  Don't put all your faith and trust in what you see on social media, everyone else has problems too, there's no perfect company out there and as they say, comparison is the thief of joy!

OK, now for a little stuff and nonsense...

What's always in your fridge?

Wine for Catherine and cheese for Jamie.

First record you ever bought?

Catherine - Colour by Numbers by Culture Club
Jamie - Ready for Battle by The Rock Steady Crew

Marmite - love it or hate it?

Love it, always have, always will.

Ketchup or HP sauce?

Catherine - Ketchup
Jamie - HP sauce on a meat pie.


So, for now, let's leave Catherine with a ketchup smothered chip butty and Jamie to his meat pie with HP sauce knowing that Bread & Jam are going to keep making gorgeous happy products that bring a smile to their customer's faces.  Jamie and Catherine bring a ray of sunshine to the grey world of business and we love them for it!

Words and photos by Tanya Taylor © 2018

H&G Workspace - Through the Looking Glass.

We're often asked about our studio space so here is a sneaky peak of both our home and work studios.

Our work studio in Dulwich is in a renovated Pye Electronics factory. We're huge fans of its industrial look and feel, the exposed brickwork and steel window frames all add to its charm. The building is a creative hub with our neighbouring studios occupied by architects, interior designers and post-production companies. We have our fair share of hipsters! The cafe serves chai soya lattes to men in beards reading Kinfolk magazine - Dulwich is the new Shoreditch and we love it!  


Our home studio has a different feel as it's in a Victorian house but still reflects our passion for all things vintage. We can often be found scouring vintage shops in Brick Lane or Paris flea markets.  For us it's all about the hunt and over the years we've found quite a few gems. One of us has a weakness for 1970's tea sets so we have quite a few of those (apparently we don't need any more but that is an ongoing discussion).


For us at H&G creative displays are a must. We love an inspiration pin board and we have several in our home and work studios. The cost is minimal but the creative possibilities are endless.  We collect postcards, matches, fabric samples, badges, labels and photos to create a layered collage of texture and paper. Our pinboards are truly unique pieces that continually evolve and inspire us.


Disclaimer: Some tidying and styling may have occurred before the photos were taken - just can't help myself.

Words and photos by Tanya Taylor © 2018




Ibiza - The Edit


We love the white island of Ibiza so much that we’d like to share just a few of our favourite places.


Agroturismo Atzaro is paradise. Our stand out favourite boutique hotel and our home every summer.  A hotel that offers such laidback luxury is a rare find. It captures the true essence of the island, an oasis where everyone is welcome. Style is never compromised but the ethos is one of relaxation. You can start the day with yoga, a swim in the 140 ft swimming pool or simply spend the day chilling in a supersized daybed with a cocktail. The vibe at Atzaro is hippy decadence and for us it is the ultimate escape.

Los Enamorados is a haven for the hipster. Situated on an idyllic cove, north of the island. A hotel that is bohemian, authentic and intimate – what’s not to love!

The restaurant is lovely but the boutique is a must. However, remember to take your Jimmy Choo flip flops off at the door as this is a barefoot shopping experience – so Ibiza! The boutique has an eclectic mix of vintage curios to the latest in Ibizan couture. In Ibiza a beach bag is never just a beach bag and this is the place to find it.


Dinner in Ibiza is always a fabulous experience. The following is a very select list of some of our favourite restaurants.


Amante – Luxury restaurant overlooking a beach cove and the perfect excuse to glam up
Aubergine – Traditional Mediterranean menu served on a beautiful terrace
Babylon Beach – Beachside restaurant with a simple contemporary menu
Giri Café – Farm to table cuisine set in a delightful garden
Patchwork – Trendy roof top restaurant serving Lebanese dishes and fabulous cocktails

Live a Life Less Ordinary

From late nights at Pacha to uber-cool beach clubs. Spectacular coves, legendary sunsets and let’s be honest some seriously fabulous hotels and restaurants. Ibiza has it all. Pass it on...


Words and photos by Tanya Taylor © 2018